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9 years ago, many miles aways from the old European continent, in Island, a country of contrasting sceneries of ice and volcanic fire, a revolution by the people and for the people began -no bankers, no politicians, no mainstream media, but the people.

This revolution was barely covered by some news broadcasters and papers. However, and most importantly, this Icelandic people’s revolution resonated in the hearts of many who did not forget it and still understood that changing is possible, as so the media and public institutions in that country eventually did.

Change in not only plausible for the Nordic people, but for the rest of the world.


A thinkstyle brand inspired by a true revolution was born in June this year, influenced by the people that every day contribute to improve this world through strong values such as sacrifice and the conviction that there are still lots of things to be done and lots of knowledge to be transformed. Welcome/Velkominn!


Richness does not come from money, it comes from knowledge and by understanding what is different. That is why we support those who want to innovate and improve their education, working every day towards these objectives with clear goals to promote mutual understanding among all living forms, either human beings, animals or nature.


We live in a fast-pace society, where we are spectators of a rapid evolution and enjoy this era’s technological and scientific advancements. Let’s move at these fast speeds in relation to fundamental values and principles, mutualism, respect, and education.


We use different materials, styles and colors to develop a unique personality full of contrasts, beyond marketing and dealers. We move through the social networks and enjoy the wildest side of the urban every day life and the indomitable nature.


We create and develop fashion and trendy products, despite our timeless philosophy to change what in appearance looks unchangeable..


Our products are universal, so are our prices, but not our way to introduce you to the Velkominn universe.

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